April 3rd, 2017

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Cabinet: Walter Q. Gresham

On this date in 1883, 51-year-old Walter Q. Gresham joined Chester Arthur's Cabinet as the 31st Postmaster General. A year and a half later, Arthur shifted Gresham to be the 35th Secretary of the Treasury. Gresham resigned that post 55 days later, days before Grover Cleveland was elected President. When Cleveland was elected to his second term, eight years later, he appointed Gresham the 33rd Secretary of State. Gresham served from March 7, 1893, until he died in office on May 28, 1895.

Gresham was the 12th of 22 Cabinet Secretaries to die in office. He was also one of only four men to head three or more separate Cabinet departments.
book cover - tpbol

Cabinet: Ron Brown

On this date in 1996, Ron Brown (the 30th Secretary of Commerce) and 34 other people died when the airplane they were flying in crashed while on approach to Cilipi Airport in Croatia. The 53-year-old Brown had joined the Cabinet with Bill Clinton's election. Prior to that, he had been the chairman of the National Democratic Committee, a lawyer, and had worked on several Presidential campaigns.