March 31st, 2017

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Vice President John C. Calhoun

On this date in 1850, Senator John C. Calhoun died. He was representing his home state of South Carolina, on his second tour of duty in the Senate (he'd held the seat since November 1845, after previously serving in that body from December 1832 to March 1843). In between his two Senate terms, he was the 16th Secretary of State (from April 1, 1844 to March 10, 1845). Before that (from 1817 to 1825), he had been the 10th Secretary of War. He started his government career as a 29-year-old member of the House of Representatives in 1811. Following that, he was the seventh Vice President of the United States; the second to serve under two Presidents, and the first to resign his office (in order to take his seat in the Senate).