March 13th, 2017

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First Lady Abigail Fillmore

On this date in 1798, in Stillwater, New York, Abigail Powers was born. In 1819, she took a job as a teacher in New Hope; her oldest pupil was 19-year-old Millard Fillmore. In February 1826, Abigail and Millard married. They had a son in 1828 and a daughter in 1832. In 1849, she moved to Washington, DC, as the wife of the Vice President, and sixteen months later, they moved into the White House following Zachary Taylor's death. They served out the one term, and then attended successor Franklin Pierce's inauguration. At the outdoor ceremonies, Abigail caught cold, which developed into pneumonia, and she died 26 days later. She was the last First Lady born in the 1700s; her husband was the first President born in the 1800s.
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President Benjamin Harrison

On this date in 1901, retired President Benjamin Harrison died. He had been the 23rd President of the United States from 1889 to 1893, and had the distinction of having beaten a sitting President, and then losing to the same man (Grover Cleveland). He also has the distinction of having been the only grandson of a President (William Henry Harrison) to be elected to the office himself. And he is now buried between his two wives, who were aunt and niece: Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison (who died two weeks before Benjamin lost his bid for re-election) and her niece Mary Scott Lord Dimmick, who Harrison married a few years later (she outlived him).