March 10th, 2017

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Secretary of State John C. Calhoun

On this date in 1845, 16th Secretary of State John C. Calhoun left office after just under a year on the job. He left office with President John Tyler, who had appointed him out of the Senate. Calhoun went back to the Senate late in 1845. And before any of those posts, he was the seventh Vice President of the United States (1825-32), the first to resign, and the first of ten to later serve in the federal government.
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Second Lady Ilo Wallace

On this date in 1888, Ilo Browne was born in Indianola, Iowa. She attended Monmouth College, and in 1914, married Henry Agard Wallace (who was seven months younger than her) in Des Moines, Iowa. Seven years later, her father-in-law, Henry C. Wallace, became the 7th Secretary of Agriculture.

Ilo and Henry A. had three long-lived children: Henry Browne Wallace (1915–2005), Robert Browne Wallace (1918–2002), and Jean Browne Wallace (1920–2011).

In 1926, an inheritance from her parents enabled the Wallaces and their business partners to establish the Hi-Bred Corn Company, which developed and distributed hybrid maize, and is today known as Pioneer Hi-Bred International, the world's second largest seed company.

In 1933, her husband was named the 11th Secretary of Agriculture, and in 1940, he was elected the 33rd Vice President. Ilo was Second Lady for four years, but Henry A. was dropped from Franklin Roosevelt's fourth election ticket, and in 1945, he was appointed the 10th Secretary of Commerce. Henry A. died in 1965, and Ilo in 1981.
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Second Lady Dorothy Barkley

On this date in 1947, Dorothy Anne Brower Barkley died. Born on November 14, 1882, she married Alben Barkley in 1903. The Barkleys had three children in the next eight years. Alben was elected to the House of Representatives in 1913, and served seven terms, before moving up to the Senate. He was Senate Majority Leader from 1937 to January 1947, when he became Minority Leader, two months before Dorothy's death. In 1948, he was elected the 35th Vice President, and in 1949, he married widow Elizabeth Jane Rucker Hadley (who survived him by eight years, after his death in 1956).