March 7th, 2017

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Presidential parents: Richard Nixon

On this date in 1885, Hannah Milhous was born in Indiana. In June 1908, she married Francis Nixon, and in the next ten years they had four sons (a fifth, Edward [her last living son] was born in 1930). Their second son, Richard (born in 1913), grew up to be the 36th Vice President (1953-61) and the 37th President (1969-74). Hannah died in September 1967, long enough to see her son's Vice Presidency, and his lost attempt to win the Presidency in 1960, but not long enough to see him become President.
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Cabinet: Horatio King

On this date in 1861, 19th Postmaster General Horatio King retired from office after a scant 25 days. In 1839, he'd been appointed a clerk in the Post Office Department, and stayed through several promotions. In 1854 he was appointed first Assistant Postmaster General, and he was acting Postmaster General at the time of his appointment to the Cabinet. After leaving the Cabinet, he stayed in Washington, working on emancipation during the Civil War, and then practicing as a lawyer in Washington. At the time of his death in 1897, at the age of 85 (and 36 years after leaving the Cabinet), he was the last surviving member of James Buchanan's Cabinet.
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Cabinet: James Buchanan

On this date in 1849, James Buchanan retired as the 17th Secretary of State. He had served the entire four-year term under President James Knox Polk. President Pierce appointed Buchanan US Minister to Great Britain (1853-56), and in the election of 1856, Buchanan became the most recent Secretary of State to later be elected President, the sixth of eight men to move from the Cabinet to the Presidency.
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Why Editors Exist, and Why the Internet May Not Be as Trustworthy as You Thought

MSN is crediting Today for this slide show of "12 fascinating things Presidents have done after leaving office," but they neglected to actually, you know, check it before posting it. Thus, there is a slide and write-up for what Warren Harding did after retiring from the Presidency. You know, Warren Harding, whose death IN OFFICE made Vice President Calvin Coolidge the only President to be sworn in by his father.

Not sure if I can get word to the writer or editor or publisher of the post, but we can at least laugh at it.