February 10th, 2017

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Presidential wedding anniversary: the second Fillmores

On this date in 1858, 44-year-old widow Caroline Carmichael McIntosh married 58-year-old retired President Millard Fillmore (he was the first President to marry after leaving office). Fillmore had been President from 1850 to 1853. His first wife, Abigail, died a month after they retired from the White House. Caroline's first husband, Ezekiel C. McIntosh, was the very wealthy president of the Schenectady and Troy Railroad; he died in 1855, after 22 years of marriage. The McIntoshes had no children, and upon Ezekiel's death, Caroline became very wealthy; she required her second husband to sign a prenuptial agreement. They had an apparently happy life together until his death in 1874. She outlived him by seven years.
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Presidential wedding anniversary: the Hoovers

On this date in 1899, Louise "Lou" Henry married Herbert Hoover. They had met in 1894, when they were both students at Stanford University. They were ready to marry by the end of that year, but put off their plans until she graduated (and while he pursued his engineering career in Australia). Soon after the wedding, they headed to China for Herbert's new job, where they were during the Boxer Rebellion. Later, his work took them to Australia for several years. During and after World War I, they were active in humanitarian relief efforts, and in 1921, President Harding appointed Herbert Secretary of Commerce. He was the Republican candidate for President in 1928, and the Hoovers lived in the White House for four years, marking the beginning of the Great Depression. Following that one term, they lived in Palo Alto, California. Lou died of a heart attack in January 1944. Following her death, the former President lived most of the time in his apartment in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. He died in 1964, the second President to live more than 90 years, and the first to be a retired President for more than 30 years.