February 8th, 2017

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Cabinet: Albert Gallatin

On this date in 1814, Albert Gallatin (1761-1849) retired as the 4th Secretary of the Treasury. Born in Switzerland, he was the second foreign-born SecTreas (after Alexander Hamilton). Gallatin was appointed by Thomas Jefferson on May 14, 1801, and he stayed in office through the end of Jefferson's term as well as through both of James Madison's elections. Gallatin left office after serving 12 years 268 days, making him the longest-serving Secretary of the Treasury, and the third-longest serving Cabinet officer in US history.
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Vice President Charles Curtis

On this date in 1936, 31st Vice President Charles Curtis died of a heart attack, less than three years after retiring from the Vice Presidency. Curtis was 69 years old when he took office, the oldest man to become Vice President to that point (his record was only exceeded by Alben Barkley in 1949). Curtis' 2 years 341 days of retirement is the third shortest of all Vice Presidents who survived to the ends of their terms. He was Vice President under Herbert Hoover, whose 31-plus years of retirement is the second longest of all former Presidents.