February 5th, 2017

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First Lady Hannah Van Buren

On this date in 1819, Hannah Hoes Van Buren died of tuberculosis, a month before her 36th birthday. Twelve years earlier, she had married Martin Van Buren, and in the following ten years, they had four sons. In 1832, Martin was elected Vice President, and in 1836, President. Hannah was the third woman to marry a man who would later become President, but die before he took office (Martha Jefferson and Rachel Jackson also died before their husbands' terms).
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Presidential wedding anniversary: the Fillmores

On this date in 1826, 26-year-old Millard Fillmore married 27-year-old Abigail Powers. She was a teacher, and he was studying the law. In 1848, he was elected Vice President, and in July 1850, he became President upon Zachary Taylor's death. Abigail caught cold at the inaugural ceremonies for Millard's successor, Franklin Pierce. The cold turned into pneumonia, and she died on March 30, 1853, 26 days after his retirement.