January 14th, 2017

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Cabinet: George B. Cortelyou

On this date in 1907, George B. Cortelyou resigned from the Cabinet for the second time. Cortelyou was the second of four people to lead at least three Cabinet Departments. In 1903, Theodore Roosevelt appointed the 40-year-old from New York the first Secretary of Commerce and Labor; he resigned in June 1904. In March 1905, Roosevelt appointed Cortelyou the 42nd Postmaster General; he resigned on January 14, 1907. In March 1907, Roosevelt called him back again, to serve as the 44th Secretary of the Treasury. This time, Cortelyou stayed until the end of the term, and left the Treasury on March 7, 1909, days after William Howard Taft took office. Cortelyou died in 1940.