January 13th, 2017

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Vice President Schuyler Colfax

On this date in 1885, Schulyer Colfax, Jr. died. Born in in New York City in March 1823, Colfax represented Indiana in the House of Representatives from 1855 to 1869. He was Speaker of the House for the last five years of that term. In 1868, he was elected the 17th Vice President, on Ulysses Grant's ticket. Colfax was one of those tarred in the Crédit Mobilier scandal, and wasn't renominated for Grant's second term in 1872 (Senator Henry Wilson took the #2 spot on the ticket, and succeeded Colfax upon Grant's re-election). Colfax died of a heart attack while changing trains in Mankato, Minnesota. He walked about three-quarters of a mile from one station to another, in extremely cold weather, and died of a heart attack about five minutes after arriving.
book cover - rtvp

Vice President Hubert Humphrey

On this date in 1978, 38th Vice President Hubert Horatio Humphrey, Jr., died. Born in May 1911, he was Lyndon Johnson's Vice President. Following Johnson's sudden announcement that he wouldn't seek another term in 1968, Humphrey stepped up, was nominated for President, and lost a remarkably close popular vote to Richard Nixon (43.4% to 42.7%; George Wallace got 13.5%), although the electoral vote was much more lopsided (301-191-46). Humphrey ran for the Vice Presidency while serving in the Senate (as had Johnson four years earlier). He represented Minnesota from 1949 to 1964. After his Vice Presidency, he was again elected to the Senate, serving from 1971 until his death. His wife, Muriel, was appointed to his seat, and she served until the special election late in the year chose David Durenberger to serve out the remainder of the term.